the HARLEM Social Club
the HARLEM Social Club
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the HARLEM Social Club
the HARLEM Social Club
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the HARLEM Social Club
the HARLEM Social Club
the HARLEM Social Club
the HARLEM Social Club

The Harlem Social Club is inspired by the famed Manhattan neighborhood and owns it’s design from New York’s former Mid Century Glam.

Today The Harlem Social Club is a place for wine lovers and explorers eager to discover the world of wine in the most exciting way. We serve close to 90 wines by the glass, well actually you pour the wines yourself from our by the glass system, a sip, a half glass or a full glass. More than 150 wines are served by the bottle right at your table.

Let us pair you with a wine and open the gates to a grape or region
that you’re yet to fall in love with. Those unschooled in wine are of course welcome; as are experts — either way, let’s embark on this unique journey of discovery together.

An inspiring music program helps sets the mood, and there’s a menu of locally sourced and delicious light bites available. Don’t miss our weekly hangover brunch, designed to ease the aches and pains of the night before. And remember, everyone leaves The Harlem Social Club feeling relaxed, taken care of and valued. That’s what happens when you let loose and dive into an unexplored glass without expectation.

The Harlem Social Club is the culmination of years spent travelling the globe in search of the finest wines and experiences. Our main aim in life is to make people feel appreciated — to listen to, provide for and energize those around us. Wine is the perfect tool for doing just that, and so it’s our honor to launch Haarlem’s newest wine bar — the home you never knew you were missing, where everyone is welcome and conversations are shared over the best wine you’ve ever tasted.


Our Wines

We have literally travelled the world and visited the most amazing people and wineries, and we are excited to share our discoveries with you. We serve almost 100 quality wines by the glass from around the globe.

Well,  actually you pour them your self at our By The Glass wine dispensers. A taster, a half glass, or a full glass of wine, you are in charge of your own wine journey. And I f you need some guidance, don’t be shy and shout out. We're happy to assist.

Please do not forget to look in our little black book for our unique selection of the very best wines we have ever tasted. Our wines have been selected with wine merchants we know and trust for fair trading and their NGO practices. Most wines are vegan friendly, Bio Dynamic or Terra Vitis Certified. In our shop you can enjoy your latest discovery or your favorite wine in the comfort of your home. We’re happy to deliver them right at your doorstep.

Now let’s get started and raise your glass!



Our easy approach to wine is continued behind the stove. We serve pure and simple bites and dishes to share and to match with the wines you’ve decided to drink. And yes, we’re vegan friendly.

Is there someone you need to call that you won't make dinner tonight?

Bon Apetit!

See our Food and Drinks here.




Organic Cava Brut Nature

Julia & Navines

Penedès - España

Dutch Oyster - Acqua di Cedro


Gemischter Satz Braitenpuechtorff

Weingut Ingrid Groiss

Niederösterreich - Österreich

Cold Smoked Salmon Sashimi - Nori

Gamba Croquette - Lime Mayonnaise


Old Vine Zinfandel


Lodi - California - USA

Farmer’s Paté from ‘Slagersdochter’ - Confiture

Comté Cheese 28 Months



32½ pp


19 January 19h00 - 23h00

70's Ladies Night